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LIFE DRAWING (& Portrait)

WHEN: Every TUESDAY 7.30pm


WHERE: Heworth Community Centre, Applecroft Road, Heworth, York, YO31 0HG

* Pay as you go:  The classes are open, so you don't need to book. You can just drop in and take a class!

* Packed with tuition

* All materials included

* Free teas & coffees

* Free parking

Any questions? 07913920118 /

If you want to be receive our weekly mail-in-list with the latest news and the exercises that we will have each week please email me at

Relaxed and fun, the lessons are packed with tuition, the sessions cost £15 and are suitable for all abilities, including beginners. All the materials are included and teas and coffees are free too. The classes are open, so you don't need to book. You can just drop in and take a class! 

During the first half, you will work with a series of short exercises with tuition, samples and applying different techniques. These progression based exercises will cover different aspect of life drawing such as portrait, proportion, background, composition, negative space and so on. you will also be encourage to experiment with a variety of different approaches to challenges such as proportion, composition or shading.

During the second half there will be a long pose by the model for everyone to apply and reinforce whatever we learnt during the first half. During this session you will receive individual feedback and advise. At the end of the lesson there will be a recap session to analyse the learning outcomes and set new individual targets.

The lessons offer a good opportunity to expand your practice with different techniques and it will also help you to create a good portfolio of works.

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